Joy Workshop started in 1999 to train persons with learning difficulties in vocational and independent living skills. This helps our trainee in employment training and securing jobs in the open market.

Training includes all aspects of daily living, housekeeping skills, a recycling unit and a Jumble shop, all of which emphasizes on social integration with domestic and community functioning activities.

Presently, each trainee earns a minimal wage through subcontracted work at the workshop which enables them to receive a monthly incentive of RM400 from the Welfare Department.

We have trained more than 200 trainees and are currently serving 60 of them in 3 programs that is: the Sheltered Workshop, an Outreach program for those unable to attend our daily activities and clients in open employment whom are given on-going support.

The workshop also assists parents/caregivers on government services and benefits and behaviour management.

Some parents donate according to their financial ability to help cut costs but Joy Workshop is mostly dependent on public donations to manage the centre.

As a registered society all cash donations are issued tax-exempt receipts.

The Workshop is registered with the Welfare Department, Registrar of Societies, Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) , Malaysian Council for Rehabilitaion and The World Association of Supported Employment (WASE).