Training Courses


‘Try Another Way’ Approach
Training in Systematic Instruction was developed by the late Dr. Marc Gold and is designed to ensure social inclusion for people with learning disabilities.  The late Dr. Marc Gold was a pioneer in developing “The Try Another Way Approach” (TAW) which was developed to teach people with significant disabilities, skills for living and integration.  He was a firm believer in the concept that “Anyone Can Learn If  We Can Figure Out A Way To Teach Them” and these workshops will maintain and enforce these values.
As service providers it is our duty to provide quality service enabling the people we work with to fulfil their potential and make their dreams come true.
Our range of workshops are covered below. However, we are able to tailor our training to meet your specific needs as required.



This workshop will give staff involved in employment for the people they represent a firm foundation of what is required for successful negotiations with potential employers. The focus is on what is required for service providers to change from the human service provision, to representing their clients in the world of commerce and industry.
Topics include; Effective Planning, Job Matching, Effective Letter Writing, Telephone Techniques, Gaining the Initial Meeting and Negotiation Skills which lead to successful employment placement for the people represented. The above training workshops are available on their own or mixed dependent on your organisation’s requirements.



This workshop will provide the technology for staff to identify areas of vocational choice for the people they represent and a methodology that will allow them to effectively teach the client the skills required by the employer. Staff will receive both theory and practical experience. Topics that are covered include; Information Systems, The Seven Phase Sequence, Detailed Task Analysis, The Flow of Employment, Vocational Profiling, Job Analysis, and Travel Training.




This workshop uses the same technology with the emphasis on community based skills training alongside a methodology which focuses on a client gaining the skills and confidence to enable them to enjoy participation in their community and broaden their domestic skills capacity. As well as topics covered in the above workshop staff will focus on personal future planning and accessing opportunities for integration   into the community.